pic18f4550 bootloader

I’ve made a couple of pin assignment tweaks to the Microchip HID bootloader. You’ll need MPLAB X, the C18 Lite compiler, and the Microchip Application Libraries. The bootloader I started with is in the Application Libraries under USB/Device – Bootloaders/HID/Firmware – PIC18 Non-J. I’m not sure about the license all this stuff operates under, so here are the changes I made as a zipped diff, and here’s the zipped hex file in case you happen to like my pin assignments better than the default microchip ones (I use RE2 for the bootloader sense and RC0:2 for LEDs; this leaves all of ports B and D available, plus A0:5 and E0:1 which happen to be 8 contiguous pins; it also leaves RC4:5 for USB and RC6:7 for serial).

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